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Having a cleaner home during the COVID-19 could save the lives of those you love the most.

Air Quality is proving to have serious implications when it comes to our body's ability to successfully fight off COVID-19, Keeping your home Clean and Sanitary is crucial to keeping the air quality in your home healthy.   

Follow the link below to read more about the recent studies revealing that lower air quality has been shown to increase death rates by about 15% in cases of COVID-19.


House Cleaning - Where do you start?

House cleaning is so much more than just a "quick wipe down" of frequently touched surfaces with disinfecting chemicals. Although this is important, overall it will not improve the air quality in your home if its the only cleaning being done. The removal of particle releasing debris and harmful microbial growth in areas of build up, like high parallel surfaces with layers of dust and grime that often goes unseen, or removal of hard water and soap scum that act as a breeding ground for gas-releasing microbial growth, affect the air quality of our homes significantly.

Disinfectants Approved by the EPA                  

Ways to effectively Improve Indoor Air Quality when Cleaning your Home.

Helpful Tips to Get Started:

*Change your air filters often and vacuum carpets at least 3x's a week. 

*Stuck on build up (such as grease, food, soap scum and hard water) will continue to harbor microbial growth, which directly impacts air quality, unless it is completely removed. 

*Avoid the use of cleaning products with strong artificial scents and harsh chemicals

*Make Sure to thoroughly RINSE away any and all soap and cleaning solutions throughly and dry surfaces entirely as the last steps of cleaning any surface.

*Use HOT/WARM WATER, as it will assist in killing germs, loosing up and removal of even the toughest build-up, as well as make the rinsing process easier and more effective.

*Make sure to follow instructions for any Disinfectants you use. These chemicals should only be used after surfaces have been throughly cleaned of all debris build-up and only on surfaces that are frequently touched or areas where microbial growth is most abundant, such as toilets and kitchen sinks.

*Here are some  CDC Directives  for Cleaning and Disinfecting during COVID-19.

 Important Areas to Address: 



Use a Vacuum with a HEPA Filter and attachments for reach and Light Damp Wiping.


Ceiling to Floor: From the highest shelf & cabinet tops, to windows sills & curtains, to couches & entertainment centers, all the way down to your baseboards & flooring, behind beds and night stands and every parallel surface between.

Remove Build-Up that harbors the growth of HARMFUL MICROBIAL GROWTH. 


- Scrub with non-scratch pads, degreasers (such as a mild dish soap) and powder based non-abrasive scrubbing agent (like barkeepers friend). *Always use gloves when cleaning with any chemicals even if they are considered "gentle". 


Bathrooms: Sinks, Toilets, Tubs and Showers all acquire build up over time like soap scum and hard water, where microbes thrive, if not removed and kept at bay with thorough and regular cleaning. 

Kitchens: Sinks, Hood Ranges, Stovetops and Ovens, Cabinets and Washboards often build up with grease and grime quickly which can greatly effect the air quality in a home by harboring microbial growth. Usually hot/warm water and a mild degreaser with a little elbow grease can keep these areas under control. 

Keeping your Home Clean has never been more Important! 

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